Maclaren Globetrotter Stroller: A Comprehensive Stroller Review

This review of the new 2012 Maclaren Globetrotter stroller is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Maclaren has some good umbrella style strollers and their smallest stroller, the Volo, has basically been upgraded with a reclining seat back to create the Globetrotter. For the most part that is the biggest difference between the two… although this isn’t the only differences.

You can see full specs of the Globetrotter here on Amazon.

The 2012 Globetrotter Stroller

The Maclaren Globetrotter (2012)

The Maclaren Globetrotter (2012) – Crown Blue

My wife and I have wanted to buy the Globetrotter since we heard about it a couple months back. Now that we have it in hand we can actually see exactly what we like and dislike about it. Hopefully this review helps you decide if the Globetrotter is worth buying.

First of all let me say that is review is not sponsored and it is completely based on my own experiences and observations of the stroller my wife and I actually bought from a store. Take that for what it’s worth.

The Basics

I will be brief in this section. The basic features of this stroller can easily be looked up on any sales page or even over on Maclaren’s official website: In summary however the Globetrotter is a slightly more advanced version of the Volo. It is a travel stroller first and foremost. It weighs hardly anything compared to it’s lightweight umbrella stroller selling peers. It looks great as it should for a premium stroller. And lastly it is built exceptional well.

How Much Does The Maclaren Globetrotter Weigh?

The Globetrotter is not as light as the Volo but it is still one of the lightest strollers on the market. With it’s lightweight aluminum frame and simplistic and streamlined design the stroller weighs 10.6 lbs  (4.8 kg) without the removable hood and just a bit more with the hood.

I think it’s funny how Maclaren advertises the weight of this stroller without the hood because as a parent I can’t imagine not wanting the hood. My  baby still doesn’t have much hair and if we are in the sun I want him shaded as much as possible… even if I can’t see through the hood. I do wish the Globetrotter had a peek-a-boo window but it doesn’t. This isn’t a deal killer in my book but it’s a lacking feature nonetheless.

How Much Does The Globetrotter Cost? What Are The Alternatives?

The Globetrotter is positioned in the Maclaren lineup to be more expensive than the Volo due to upgraded seat features but cheaper than the slightly larger models like the Triumph or the Quest.

The Volo is priced at around $130 depending on the time of year, the model year for sale, and a particular store’s sales cycle and the Globetrotter is priced at around $160 with the same dependencies.

The Globetrotter is almost exactly the same stroller as the Volo except the seat back has a recline feature which ads to the weight of the unit as well as the price and complexity. If you don’t need or want an adjustable seat then the Volo is a much better chpice for you. If you want more size and features however then you will have to consider the Globetrotter or the more advanced models like the Triumph priced in the range of $185 range depending on outside factors.

Some other alternative to the Globetrotter include cheaper options from other lines or more expensive options from other lines. No matter which way you go however you will be looking at larger and heavier strollers. The more expensive models like the G-Lux from Uppababy will be priced higher and will have the same level of quality but will have more features. Conversely the cheaper options such as The Inglesina Swift or The First Years Ignite will be a little lower in quality and may have similar features as the Globetrotter.

When my wife and I bought the Globetrotter we were sure we wanted the seat recline compared to the Volo but had little interest in extra features as we felt this was a niche stroller that we would only use when we traveled. In times like that portability reigns supreme in our household.

The Reclining Seat  - The Main Difference Between The Maclaren Volo and the Globetrotter

Globetrotter Seat Recline Strap Release

In Recline Position

I’ve mentioned this already a few times. The Globetrotter has a reclining seat while the Volo does not. This is a great thing in my book because a stroller is one of the best ways my wife and I can get our son to sleep when he is fussy and refuses to go down on his own.

Globetrotter Seat Recline Strap Release (Up Close)

Seat Recline Strap Closeup

For this alone I love this stroller compared to the Volo. Yeah, it’s $30 more but sometimes I would happily pay someone $30 to help my get my son to nap. It’s worth it for us… of course you’s kids may be different than ours.

The one thing I don’t like about the seat recline is that it’s a little hard to activate and it certainly can’t be done with one hand. It’s designed like a fancy drawstring in the back of the seat. The problem is that you need to push the release button to move the drawstring tighter or looser and you need a second hand to actually move the string through the clip. See pics below:

This alone wouldn’t be a problem but we found the button on the clip to be really tight and somewhat hard to activate. Through some trial and error I found that it was much easier to do if you positioned your fingers perfectly at the top of the button. Yea, it works, but it could be easier to do.

Again, this is not a deal killer in my book. Just an observation.

What Are The Weight Limits/Recommendations For The Globetrotter?

This is what really baffles me. Really big, heavy, and expensive luxury strollers can cost upwards of $750 or more but they can only deal with kids up to 35-40 pounds but this tiny little stroller is strong enough and safe enough to hold children weighing up to 55 lbs! That’s crazy. My son is about to turn one and he only barely weighs 20 pounds. This thing will last us until he is not allowed to sit in a stroller. :)

Other than the max weight the Globetrotter is not designed for infants. It may be able to tilt it’s seat back but it can’t and won’t come close to laying flat. Infants who can’t manipulate their own body let alone keep their head steady shouldn’t be in one of these.

Our son at 11 months handled it just fine and seemed happy but I can’t imagine putting him in this before he was 6 months or so. The 5-point harness is designed for kids as young as six months but it’s hard to pull the straps tight enough to secure a small child like ours. Maybe if your child is bigger you coul dget away with it but as it stands now our 20 pound baby seems just big enough to secure tightly in the seat. If he was bigger this would be different so your mileage may vary.

Another observation about the weight restrictions: You seriously can’t hang anything on the handbars. The stroller is just too light. Maybe if you had a heavy kid in the seat but certainly not with a light or young child or a heavy bag. Not only that but the under seat storage area is small so you can’t store large bags there either. Of course you’re going to have similar troubles with just about any umbrella-style travel stroller but some are better than others.

As far as I know The Chicco Liteway stroller has just about the most storage room of any small travel stroller I know of. If this is an issue of importance for you then I recommend checking that stroller out instead.

Does The Maclaren Globetrotter Fold Up Easily?

So what about the folding mechanism? Is it easy to fold up the Globetrotter? I think it is. The globetrotter provides a simple to activate folding mechanism from the underside of the brake. If you nudge it upwards with your foot and then press the fold lever on the right side (also with your foot) you can then easily push the handlebars forward and down on itself with one hand.

The fold is super simple after yo do it the first time and even without coaching the fold is pretty intuitive even for someone who hasn’t used the stroller previously. So long as you don’t have anything big and bulky in the storage compartment or any restrictive attachments on the back side of the stroller like an aftermarket stroller consol then it should fold up without a hitch on the first try.

My Maclaren Globetrotter Review: What I Really Think

Yes, I know, that’s a lot of stuff I just wrote but what do I really thing about this new buggy? In short I like it a lot in the context of travel. My wife and I really like full sized strollers for normal everyday use as well as daily exercise or walking of some other kind. What we don’t like the full sized stroller for however is for travel friendliness.

The Globetrotter (or the Volo for that matter) are simply awesome little buggies when it comes to travel. They are super small, light, and easy to use. They are built sturdy enough to handle the riggers of vacations and they look good all the while.

I wouldn’t routinely use this stroller for everyday use unless I had to. Of course I have the luxury of being able to have a few different strollers available for use at all times depending on my needs so this may not apply to some others. I imagine if if had the money for only one good stroller and it had to be compact then I would definitely get this stroller.

There are some other lightweight strollers for sale that I might consider but this would be near the top of my list due to it’s size/weight and due to it’s superior quality and safety.

As a parent I love that Maclaren strollers (as of 2012) are now all compliant with global safety standards. This can’t be said for all other pushchairs, buggys, and strollers so it’s worth noting.

Buying The Globetrotter Stroller For The Best Price Possible

Lastly I love the price. Most really high quality umbrella strollers simply cost more. You can get these things in excess of $200 and the Globtrotter routinely sells for $160 or less depending on store sale cycles. Not bad at all.

I usually buy items like this on Amazon but many other retailers are worth looking at too. You never know which retailer is going to have the best prices.

For now I recommend checking out the current pricing for the Globetrotter on Amazon to get a baseline price.

 *Click Here For Current Pricing Or To Buy The 2012 Globetrotter Stroller

You can also take a look at the following post for more ideas and opportunities to buy discounted Maclaren Globetrotter strollers: Where To Buy The Maclaren Globetrotter Stroller On Sale for more options and price comparisons.

All The Maclaren Globetrotter Stroller Pictures In One Place

This slideshow includes all the pictures I took of my Globetrotter buggy. They are of my actual stroller than I purchased with my own money so please be gentle with my photography skills. Enjoy.

[SLIDESHOW] - Under Construction

Globetrotter Stroller Video Review

And for those of you who want to actually see the Globetrotter stroller in action take a look at the video review I put together of the stroller below. Many of the features is discussed here in this article can be seen in the video below. I hope it helps.

[VIDEO] - Under Construction

If you found this review helpful and want to order this buggy them please use the link above.

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