ZenBaby is all about blogging and community. ProDad is the flagship blog written by me, Brian. It is my Stay-At-Home-Dad blog and my muse for all my thoughts on parenting, working from home, and staying phsyically and mentally active even without a commute or a boss.

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In addition to the blogs ZenBaby Reviews will be featuring in depth reviews on popular products in the baby and parenting market. As a dad who has to live with a small child I know as much as I could how important quality products are and how difficult it is to choose between one sippy cup and another.

I won’t be reviewing everything under the sun but I will from timte-to-time be reviewing actual products I purchase from a store. I will tell the good and the bad and should offermy opinion on alternatives.

See below for the listing of reviews on this site:

**This Page Is Currently Under Construction – Check Back Later**