A Few Stay-At-Home-Dad Books From My Bookshelf

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Last Update: May 21, 2012

Books For Stay At Home Dads

Since my wife and I decided that I would come home from the corporate world and be the primary caregiver to our son while she headed off to the grind I thought it would be worthwhile doing a little research on fatherhood, full-time fatherhood, and basica everyday parenting skills that many men simply relay to heavily on their wives for.

I am no saint. I am as guilty as the naxt man for assuming my wife would let me know when it was time to introduce solids to my son’s diet, start using the next size up in diapers, calculate the dosage for infant medicine, and umpteen other household skills that simply are to numerous to recall.

I figure staying at home all day will also require a greater understanding of the laundry, the art of couponing, and keeping things clean and in basic order around the house.

In short I need to learn how to run the house rather than just participate in the running of the house under the supervision of my wife. This is traditionally territory that the men shy away from but as an avid learner and someone interested in constantly bettering himself I’m willign to learn.

Below are the books I actually have on my bookshelf or have read at some point… probably via library checkout.

I won’t list those books which I don’t like or recommend but I will categorize them below for easy reference based on my own thoughts and recommendations. At the bottom of the page is my wishlist for future reading selctions. I don’t have all the time in the world but good books need to be read and be actionable.

Books For First Time Dads And/Or Men With Pregnant Wives

What To Expect When Your Wife Is Expanding – This book is a crackup parody of the popular What To Expect When You Are Expecting book for pregnant mothers. It’s written as a comedy for husbands of pregnant women and although it is simplistic it does offer some good information for first time expecting fathers who have never done this before. My wife actualy bought it for me when she was first pregnant and I recommend it do to it’s lighthearted nature. It really eases you into the concept of fatherhood without too much information.

More Fatherhood Books On My Wishlist

The Daddy Shift: How Stay-at-Home Dads, Breadwinning Moms, and Shared Parenting Are Transforming the American Family – This book is on my wishlist because it a curent bestseller and it describes almost perfectly my family. I’d like to read it especially early in my time at home.

Stay-At-Home Dads: The Essential Guide to Creating the New Family – Again, this is a book that scores lots of positive reviews online. When I get to reading it I will update on my thoughts regarding the subject. I just think that gettign as much input from others up front could help me out a lot. This is just another resource on how a stay at home father can not just get by but cause a family to thrive.

The Stay-at-Home Dad Handbook – This is the last book on my wishlist for now. It is billed as a resource for men who are primary caregivers. This should provide guidance on many of the little things that happen in the home and home to keep things running smoothly.

*Please note that the books on this page all link to sales pages on Amazon.com. They are affiliate links. Please see my affiliate compensation disclaimer for more infomation.


I'm a stay-at-home-dad who blogs about parenting and kids. In addition to owning ZenBaby I also run a consultency firm where I help businesses develop a managable online pressance.

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