Gearing Up For Professional Fatherhood

I’ve fibbed a little on the first few pages I’ve put up on this site. I’ve said I am a stay at home dad living in Oregon and that is not true to some extent.

I am nearly a stay-at-home-dad who almost lives in Oregon.

In fact I am finishing up my last month at the office; my last day will be May 31, 2012 and then my wife, my son, and I will be moving to Oregon where my wife will be starting her job.

That is when I’ll actually be a real stay-at-home-dad. That’s when I’ll turn pro… and that’s when I’ll really learn what full-time parenting is all about.

In preparation for this I’ve been noticing that I’ve started taking a closer and more dedicated interest to all things domestic. We get many different magazines like Real Simple, Parenting, and others of this nature and until recently I only glanced through them or read the articles my wife told me I should read.

These day’s I’m finding myself going through them all before she gets to them… and she’s at home all day.

Last night I went through Real Simple and read all the tips for keeping things clean in the home. I took note of all the things I thought would help me out like DIY recipes for cutting through stains and whatnot.

Not only that but I have been looking at all the baby stuff we own and inspecting them to get a better idea of how they work and how to take care of them.

Today I just cleaned the fabric of our bouncer and installed it back on the contraption. Ahh, so that’s how it works. ;)

This is but a little thing but it goes to show you how diving into something full time really spawns new interest in the things that have been under your nose for so long already. I have participated a lot in our son’s first year but my wife has been much more involved being the primary caregiver.

My time is coming and I’m preparing and I can’t wait. :)


I'm a stay-at-home-dad who blogs about parenting and kids. In addition to owning ZenBaby I also run a consultency firm where I help businesses develop a managable online pressance.

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