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ZenBaby.net is a collection of parenting blogs owned and managed by me, a ProDad named Brian.


The flagship blog on ZenBaby is ProDad. It is my Stay At Home Dad blog where I discuss anything and everything related to staying at home as a dad. Everything from parenting issues to dealing with people who feel you shouldn’t be in the home are fair game.

This is basically a mommy blog… except I’m a daddy.

I’m also a professional however. I’m a “retired” banker, an MBA graduate, and an entrepreneur. I may not work in the traditional sense any more but I do work from home.

If you are a dad (or mom) wanting the support from other stay at home parents who also work from the home then I hope you can feel comfortable reading along with ProDad.

As future blogs come on board I’ll update this post accordingly.

If you are an accomplished writer or an author with experience in your field and would like to be a regular contributor to ZenBaby then get in contact with me. I love meeting dedicated people and would love to welcome new contributors to the ZenBaby team.


I'm a stay-at-home-dad who blogs about parenting and kids. In addition to owning ZenBaby I also run a consultency firm where I help businesses develop a managable online pressance.

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