I’m the brainchild behind ZenBaby and the primary author behind the Stay-At-Home-Dad blog: ProDad.

I have a background in business. I was employed in the banking sector for 8 years. I hold a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business Administration and I own my own internet marketing consultancy business on the side.

In addition to my business background I also have a passion for sports. I love watching baseball and trying my best to golf respectably. I am an accomplished bowler and could hustle most people on the lanes if I wanted to.

I have been interested in blogging, marketing, and digital publication for many years and in early 2012 I left the day job and went pro as a dad and full time as a blogger and small business consultant.

In part my transition to ZenBaby was made possible through the efforts of my wife. ”Wifey” is my beautiful and brilliant wife since 2007. We met in college and I proposed to her on her first day of medical school.

Today my wife works as a resident physician. This has offered me the freedom to leave the traditional office life and peruse my own businesses full time and without guilt. This also allows me to spend far more time than ever before with my son Samuel for which I truly feel privileged.

ZenBaby is my other baby. This is a project I have envisioned since they day I knew I had a son on the way. I hope you enjoy the site and find value and community here.

I envision this site as a destination for community, learning, and involvement for you and me alike.

Please, don’t be shy.